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In this tabletop-card game you and your friend(s) will face each other in a turn based  game of skill and strategy where your table (and  everything piled up on it) becomes your battlefield. Move from cover to cover while twisting and turning to avoid being shot. Use cards to attack, heal, boost or even change the battlefield.

The gameplay feels like a more fast-paced and casual warhammer

All of the rules and instructions are in the manual.
This game requires 5 sheets of paper and a black and white printer. 

A version with artwork will be released in the future.

This  game was a PIZZA Jam submission that was created in 48 hours. Since then it was streamlined and made more scaleable.

Published Feb 11, 2018
CategoryPhysical game
AuthorLe Von
GenreAction, Strategy

Install instructions

Print the cards and follow the instructions in the manual. When printing choose to center the image as part of the cards can be trimmed.


Printable 608 kB

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