Demo 1.2

While we are busy making a level editor that will prolong your fun and ease our work in the future, I've decided to release the current version with all of it's tweaks and changes. 

Not only does the editor make the process of creating a level as easy as it can be, it also saves them in an easy to share png file that you can drag and drop into the messenger of your choice for your friends to play. When it's finally finished it will be available at the game's page. 

Leaderboards are still being worked on at the time. When we are done you'll be able to share your best time with the world in just a press of a button. Everyone will be able to see the leaderboards, although don't forget that only those launching the game via an itchio app will be able to post their time. 

P.S.'s app is awesome, free, and reduces the process of installing a game and receiving updates to a click so go get it


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Jan 28, 2018

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