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Boomchick feels and plays like a lovechild of Super Meat Boy and the gravity gun from Half Life 2. Change direction, perform stunts and execute combos by utilizing the impulse of your thow. Fling yourself across the air, use voodoo magic to do the impossible, jump on live explosives and use anything you find along the way to beat numerous challenges and puzzles. Have an awesome level idea? You can use the included level editor to create and share your map with the world!

The current trailer is severely outdated but it does a good job at showing what the core idea is without all the items and the interesting stuff. At the moment we are remaking the artwork and additional effects, so some things will look different in the end. All the levels in the game are currently being reworked as well. 

Throughout its lifetime Boomchick won second place at the iTalent competition, got the judges' special prize at Golden Byte and will appear at the indie booths  at Games Gathering this December!

Special thanks to excore for helping  with code in the early stages of development

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Boomchick_Linux32.zip 57 MB
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Boomchick_OSX.zip 45 MB
Boomchick_Windows32.zip 48 MB

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